46th Florida Senior Open Championship

Lakewood National Golf Club - Commmander Course, Lakewood Ranch, FL
May 1, 2023 - May 3, 2023

Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club

(a) = Amateur
Position Name Total Score
Qualified Joseph Kern 72
Qualified Roy Wegerle 73
Qualified Skip Kendall 74
Qualified Christopher Zehren 74
Qualified Brian Armstrong (a) 74
Qualified Mike Finster (a) 74
Qualified John Balmer 75
Qualified Daniel Stone 75
Qualified William Mallon (a) 76
Qualified Phil Walters (a) 76
Qualified Terry Hinkle (a) 76
Qualified Robert Spiars 76
Qualified Cameron Smillie (a) 76
Qualified Stephen Stallings Sr (a) 77
Qualified Bruce Himelman (a) 77
Qualified John Lindner (a) 77
Qualified Jeff Kaufman (a) 78
Qualified Chick Berry 78
Qualified David Hasselbach (a) 78
Qualified Jack Oliver 78
Alternate 1 Mike Damron (a) 79
Alternate 2 Mark Noce (a) 79
23 Lloyd Fisher (a) 79
Qualified Todd Elliott (a) 80
T25 Earl Lanoue (a) 81
T25 Frank Brady (a) 81
T25 Paul Hess (a) 81
T25 Donald Wright 81
T29 Bruce Sanders (a) 82
T29 Charles Campbell (a) 82
T29 Andy Green (a) 82
T29 Steven Dougherty (a) 82
T33 Dave McMeen (a) 83
T33 Scott Lynch (a) 83
T33 Dan Zlotek 83
T33 Jamie Chen (a) 83
T33 Eric Redden (a) 83
T33 Steven Schroer (a) 83
T33 Tom Grady Jr (a) 83
T40 Noah Zelnik 84
T40 Ray Wenck (a) 84
T40 Greg Perenich (a) 84
T40 George Green 84
T40 Edmund Sanford 84
T45 Bob Morse (a) 85
T45 Dennis Cargo (a) 85
T45 Tommy Boykin 85
T48 Troy Young Jr (a) 86
T48 Jeff Weiss (a) 86
T48 Michael Miraglia 86
T48 Greg Martin (a) 86
T52 Tom Myers (a) 87
T52 Fredrick Young 87
54 Frank Almasy (a) 88
T55 Tyler Jose (a) 90
T55 Paul Grondahl (a) 90
57 Matthew Antos (a) 91
58 Adam Flores 92
59 Carl Lucas (a) 93
60 Bob Spence (a) 94
61 Ronnie Burks (a) 97
62 William Van Vleck (a) 99
T63 Joseph Columbo (a) 103
T63 Michael Renaud (a) 103
65 Mikael Loefstrand (a) 106
- did not complete event -
NC Chris Sabo (a) NC
NC Robert McChesney (a) NC
NC Kevin Janiga (a) NC
NC Todd Mudge (a) NC
NC Robert Bernadino (a) NC
NC Carl Paulson NC
NC Andreas Boettcher (a) NC
NC Andrew Gastley (a) NC
NC Mark Powers (a) NC
NC Paul Wikle (a) NC
NC Thad Coontz NC
NS Michael Stewart (a) NS

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