Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct    

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Players may be warned, penalized or disqualified for violations of the Code of Conduct (Including violations by their caddies or family members). Further, the FSGA may reject an entry application, revoke an accepted application, expel from the tournament and/or suspend a player from future tournaments if the player, their caddie or family members engage in conduct detrimental to the integrity and image of the game of golf and/or public confidence in the FSGA. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to:

  • Disorderly behavior, including:
    • Excessive use of profanity
    • Club throwing
    • Verbal or physical abuse, or threats of abuse, to officials, volunteers, other players or staff
    • Damage to the golf course or any player's equipment
    • Unbecoming conduct
  • Failure to care for the course, including, but not limited to the failure to: 
    • Fill or step down on divots (reasonable effort to repair/fill divots)   
    • Repair ball marks
    • Rake Bunkers
    • Follow cart rules
    • Disposing of trash into trash receptacles or golf carts
  • Failure to abide by the host club's rules
  • Dress Code violations


  • Are NOT permitted in FSGA and FJT competitions except for the following championships and qualifying:  Florida Open, Florida Women's Open & Senior Women's Open, and the Florida Senior Open.

Headphones & Earbuds

  • Are NOT permitted for players or caddies during competitive rounds.

Player's Responsibility for Caddies & Family

Players in USGA, FSGA or FJT competitions in Florida are guests of the host club and accordingly, players are responsible for the behavior and attire of their caddies and family. Players may face withdrawal of their entry, and possible future suspension for the inappropriate behavior of their caddies or family members. Players, caddies or family members who repeatedly violate the code of conduct, or who are abusive to officials or club staff, may be suspended from attending future events.

Subject to Rules

Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the Rules and Conditions of Competitions set forth by the FSGA.

Alcohol and Drugs

The illegal use of drugs or alcohol by players, caddies or family is prohibited. Alcohol should not be brought onto the property. All food & beverage policies of the club should be followed.

Dress Code - (Before, During and After the Round):

  • Club Dress Code Policy – If more formal, supersedes the FSGA dress code
  • Generally Accepted Golf Attire - Should be worn at all times by players, caddies and family
  • Shirts – Must have collars or be specifically designed for golf and acceptable at the host facility 
  • Men’s Shirts – Must be tucked in at all times
  • Hats – Must be worn forward and should be removed in dining areas
  • Women's Shorts, Skirts, Skorts – Generally, should reach mid-thigh in length (half way between hip and knee)
  • Footwear – Athletic shoes, golf shoes or dress shoes should be worn
    • Flip flops are discouraged

Dress Code - Spectators (Family Members)

  • Spectators are guests of the club and should avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, short shorts, and similarly casual attire.  Generally, golf attire is preferred. We hope that you will attend our events and be comfortable, but ask that you respect the host club's policies. At few clubs, jeans are permitted on the golf course, and in those cases, jeans would be acceptable for spectators but not for players or caddies. When in doubt, please contact us or avoid jeans and more casual attire.

Parents & Spectator Involvement in Conduct and Rulings

Please refrain from policing any code of conduct issues. If you witness a code of conduct breach that is serious or have seen the same breach multiple times by a player, you may notify an official. DO NOT HANDLE THE SITUATION YOURSELF. Officials and the Tournament Chairman will be responsible for handling all code of conduct issues.

Penalties for Violation of Code of Conduct

Penalties may be assessed based on each individual situation including the severity of the breach and the factors that contributed to the breach occurring. 

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: One Stroke Penalty
  • 3rd Offense: General Penalty (Loss of hole in match play or two-stroke penalty)
  • 4th Offense: Disqualification
  • Immediate Disqualification: Serious Misconduct 

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