100th Amateur Championship

The Bear's Club and Lost Tree Club, Jupiter, FL
June 22, 2017 - June 25, 2017

Mayacoo Lakes Country Club

Position Name Total Score
Qualified Timmy Wideman 72
Qualified Daniel Langley 72
Qualified Jesse Daley 73
Qualified Lane Mazei 73
Qualified Jake Holt 74
Qualified Carson Cavner 74
Qualified Michael Blum 74
Qualified Ryan Crowley 74
Alternate 1 Ricky Hendler 74
Alternate 2 Sebastian Ostos 74
T11 Jeff McCammon 75
T11 Jordan Reeves 75
T13 Ernesto Marin 76
T13 Frank Babusik 76
T13 Michael Mcdermott 76
T13 Reece Kornfeld 76
T13 Michael Maxwell Jr 76
T18 Brian Dolehide 77
T18 Andrew Schilf 77
T18 William Thornton 77
T18 James Callaghan 77
22 Daniel Eggertsson 78
T23 Jeffrey Cunningham 79
T23 Joshua August 79
T23 Brad Gray 79
T23 Joseph Solenski 79
T23 Jackson Shoenfelt 79
28 Collin Steele 80
29 James Nieporte 81
30 Phillip Manceri 84
31 Ryan Lynch 85
32 Charlie Kim 86
T33 Will Whittaker 87
T33 John Broderick 87
- did not complete event -
T35 Travis Fore NC
T35 Kevin White NC
T35 DJ Morris NC
T35 Jackson Fox NC
T35 Zachary Smith NC
T35 Kevin McCarthy NC
T35 Kevin Metzger NC
T35 Anthony Klingseisen NC
T35 Pete Williams NC
T35 Wanjoo Lee NC
T35 Kritsarin Oukosavanna NC
T35 David Giandomenico NC
T35 Tyler Greene NC
T35 Dylan Jensen NC

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