Senior Amateur Championship

Vero Beach Country Club - Vero Beach
April 15, 2014 - April 17, 2014

Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club

Position Name Total Score
Qualified Larry Vander Bie 75
Qualified Pete DeLongchamp 75
Qualified Carl Nanni 76
Qualified Randy Dugger 76
Qualified Anthony Baccari 77
Qualified T P Tunstall 77
Qualified Roger Flaherty 77
Qualified Michael Gennette 77
Qualified Bill Moore 78
Qualified Mike Walters 78
Qualified Herb Smaltz 78
Qualified Kenneth Martin 79
Qualified Derek Waddington 79
Qualified Carl Johanntges 80
Qualified Bill Demers 80
Alternate 1 Dan Chiappetta 80
Alternate 2 Michael Hailey 81
T18 Bill Zagozewski 82
T18 Donald Kerr 82
T20 Bob Sims 83
T20 Joseph Andriole 83
T20 Robert Savard 83
T23 Tom Gallagher 84
T23 Paul Fiedorek 84
25 Edward Garver 85
26 Pat Monti 86
- did not complete event -
T27 Lenny Barthle NC
T27 Jack Mahan NC
T27 Ralph Remmert NC
T27 William Hamm NC
T27 Stephen Maddox NC
T27 Mark Johnson NC
T27 Robert Callaghan NC
T27 Pete McDade NC
T27 Mark McLain NC
T27 Dwaine Zitko NC
T27 Jeff Eads NC
T27 Jay Gable NC
T27 Tom Halchak NC
T27 Tony Gatliff NC
T27 Rich Odell NC

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