44th Florida Senior Open Championship

Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club - Miromar Lakes
April 26, 2021 - April 28, 2021

Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club

(a) = Amateur
Position Name Total Score
Qualified Michael Calomeris (a) 70
Qualified Chick Berry 72
Qualified Charles Campbell (a) 74
Qualified Michael West 74
Qualified Mike Finster (a) 75
Qualified Victor Leoni (a) 75
Qualified Tim Hume 75
Qualified Robert Meheran 75
Qualified Dan Zlotek 76
Qualified William Copeland 76
Qualified Robert Cunningham (a) 76
Qualified Kevin Janiga (a) 76
Qualified Dick Caverly (a) 76
Qualified Christopher Lopes 77
Qualified Mike Damron (a) 77
Qualified Rob Prine (a) 77
Qualified Joseph Cioe 77
Qualified Marcus Beck (a) 77
Alternate 1 Tom Myers (a) 78
Alternate 2 Wade Oney Jr (a) 78
Qualified Douglas Jones (a) 78
Qualified Robert Bechtol (a) 78
23 Kevin Macy (a) 78
24 Al Lorefice 79
25 Frank Gomes (a) 79
T26 John Barry (a) 80
T26 Rob Shuey 80
T26 Hugh Duffy (a) 80
T29 Bill Castleman (a) 81
T29 Scott Lynch (a) 81
T29 Rex Kuramoto 81
T29 Paul Jaycox 81
T33 Paul Meyer 82
T33 Tom Halchak (a) 82
T33 Don Donatello 82
T36 Tommy Boykin 83
T36 Richard Flecca (a) 83
T36 Frank Griffin (a) 83
T36 Peter Sherwin (a) 83
T40 Kent Whittemore (a) 84
T40 Jay Loch (a) 84
T40 Jeff Neugebauer (a) 84
T43 Mark Windram (a) 85
T45 Cory Walker (a) 86
T45 Rod Bayliss (a) 86
T45 Samuel Bowles (a) 86
48 Ken Prebola (a) 88
T49 Howard Rhyne III (a) 89
T49 Joseph Columbo (a) 89
T49 Kevin Kern (a) 89
52 Dwayne Rogers (a) 90
53 George Sledd (a) 91
54 Greg Raklovits (a) 92
55 Robert Earl 96
56 Vincent Dotson 102
- did not complete event -
NS Mike Crawford NS
NC Tyler Jose (a) NC
NC Mark Riley (a) NC
NS George DeSear (a) NS
NC Todd Schmitt (a) NC
NC Brad Willard NC
DQ Tom Grady (a) DQ
NC David Creighton NC
NC Kenny Knox NC
NC Thad Coontz NC
WD Michael Martin WD
NC Edmund Sanford NC
NC Ed Nieman NC
NC David Bishop NC
NC Scott Jones (a) NC
WD Richard Painter (a) WD

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