Sports Psychology/Personal Development

Sports Psychology and Personal Development 

Judgment Matters

  • Dawn Woodard, Founder/Owner
  • Uses the Judgment Index, a values-based behavioral assessment that looks at one's natural tendencies under pressure or stress; it identifies WHY someone makes the decisions they do.
  • Provides one-on-one consulting to enhance performance.

Telos Sports Psychology Coaching 

  • Matt Cuccaro, Sports Psychologist - nearly two decades of experience collaborating with athletes, coaches, parents, businesses, and educators on the mental aspects of elite performance. 
  • Mental Game Coaching - assessment of mental game needs; development of athlete awareness; education on mental skills; follow up and support.
  • Clients include Olympians, NCAA All-Americans and Championship teams, multiple professional athletes and Fortune 500 Executives.


  • Founders Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson are internationally recognized, are the two highest ranked female instructors in America, and are both regularly featured among Golf Digest's Top 50 Greatest Teachers.
  • Assists players with learning to practice productively, take the range to the first tee, and to be your own best coach through their 54Golf Programs.
  • Organized in-person or remote training programs available.
  • One-to-One sessions available - These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work individually with the VISION54 coaches. One-to-One Sessions will be tailored to each player's goals and will be designed based on how much time has been reserved. Two-to-One and custom group coaching options are also available. (3 hour minimum required for first One-to-One session).

Mental Golf Workshop (DISC Golf Assessment)

  • Bobby Foster, Owner/President
  • DISC is a very popular personality profile system that is accurate, effective, and user-friendly. Your report presents DISC in golf terminology - no complicated graphs, just straightforward information about you and your game.
  • DISC Assessment generates customized information about you and your mental game tendencies.  It is built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach.  
  • Your Report includes "workshop" type exercises that will reinforce important mental game strategies and make it easy to self-coach yourself and improve your game.

Dr. Morris Pickens - Sports Psychologist

  • Dr. Morris Pickens specializes is competitive performance enhancement.  His clients have a combined twenty-five PGA Tour victories including three majors, over 200 amateur wins and one NCAA Championship.
  • Learn to practice more productively based on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Designs a comprehensive performance plan to improve and ultimately succeed.
  • Learn to think more effectively, practice more productively, and improve your performance.


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